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Bruise me while I'm in the tub. 

Bruise me and say you love me 

Bruise me and cry faults 

Bruise me and blister my foot force me to walk hurt to church you bitch 

Abuse all woman's and lie and lie after lie. 

You swore to god you're lie's. 

Bruise us and lie and use someone innocent who didn't even lay it 

Go to church bend your ass over like you nasty pedrifile do. 

I saw you touch her..  I saw past your BS because God showed me the stripes,  yep your stripes. 

An angel spoke to me you lied

Your son never killed himself. 

A sad man would lie bout his son like that. 

I spent my time trying to kill myself because I felt bad for him 

And you watch me cut myself and you let your daughter watch 

You don't deserve  a kid or to bring woman's you meet from internet around her 

Your gonna meet anoth wrong bitch bigger bitch then me 

And she's gonna push you down them steps like you deserved 

You deserve to die you pedrifile 

I wish I could have pushed you down the stairs. 

I hope this next bitch takes you down those steps 


  • Apr 06, 2019

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