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I smile because I'm okay. 

I smile because I still have hope 

A faith that won't fade 

I smile and I stay strong 

The lonely smile 

A butterfly smile.. 

A smile I am home again 

A happy lonely smile,  I won't have to hear his voice. 

I won't have to see his face again 

I smile because I wont have to go to church and hear his lie's 

I wont have blisters on my feets that wouldn't heal being made to walk to church when blistered up. 

Rubbing his poison ivy on my blister as he fucked me to I hurt 😣cries 

I don't wanna man again...  I am home. 

I am happy and home and the first day when I came back home I cried and I danced on my bed. 

And I ranned all over dancing 

I don't want a man I want God ❀

I speak and I cry πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

I hurt still and I feel the rubbing still on my blisters and being forced to wear sneakers and as he hurt  me in the bed. 

I left memories and a spirit to warn the next girl's. 

Run run run to the police. πŸ’œ

He is a lie...  May I speak to you little girl's don't meet men's on the internet 

I know you won't listen πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

His friends they are Christian they will enjoy him and laugh when he hurt's you.  Oh their faults. 

Oh he can't help he fucks little girl's and he friend's the police and he goes to church and gets everyone to hate you 

The church will hate you,  even the pastor,  even his landlord. 

He will make you go to church even when you're hurt. 

Even when your sick,  he'll lie and he'll swear to god his lie's. 

He'll accuse you of things you never did 

He'll just sickly go get a new card to make it look like you stole his id. 

He just had to get a new card.  He replaced his card he had  and got his friend's to lie. 

They didn't see me with his card.  I never showed them 

He'll have you to the table and pound his fist and scare you and his voice they'll be so angry and he will pound the glass for his drug's. 

He'll take your medicine and he'll smoke it.  Get high with your medicine. 

He'll sell your medicine and have his friends cry for his faults oh he's the man of god. 

Oh he comes before jesus 


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