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I know you never cared for  me. 

You abandon me when I was 5. 

You blamed me for the fact that you couldn't take care of kid's. 

You lied to me and said you were there for  me. 

Now I wonder do you want my money for when I die. 

Because you took your dad's money when he died. 

So mom since you hated me and my brother and sister tell me how bad you would take my money if I died. 

I know that you hated me, I now hate you too. 

Though I tried to forgive you like God said and when I did you broke me again. 

You said you didnt believe I was your child. 

You said you didn't know me. 

Then I bet you and your drug at it sister still sleep with your sister son in front of your own daughter and tell me that it was my fault and that you don't know us. 

And that you didn't love me 

So tell me you didn't get a penny when you ran off got a car a home and didn't even invite me,  sent me a message stating you don't believe I was your daughter. 

And that you swore in jesus name you didn't get your dad's money after you and your sister's all punched each other face and you swore that  you would give me some and my brother. 

You  blocked me on facebook and you blamed me for your action.  Mother I really hate you.  You are always on drug's 

I forgaved you for neglecting us and abandoning us so you could get high and drunk and put your men's first. 

I can't forgive you no more because you are a liar and you break your promises and word's to God and me. 

I will no longer be apart of your selfish life. 

And I care less if bitch sees my message's and adds you on facebook like she did to rapist.  

I probably gonna die soon anyways ❀❀❀

Tbh I think god hates what you did to us....  I would never been a bad mom like you if I would let a man in my life but after the hurt my ex did I won't.  

I been thrown out in street and laughed at for the fact they believe he would killed me. 

Did you even ask me if I was okay with this man. 

No cause you aint gave a shit. 

So yeah they laughed at me because they knew he was hurting me and they wished what you probably wished that a man would killed me 

Oh their Christians bending their ass over in Church and treating people like trash it's what Christian haters do.  It's the will to their god satan. 

So tell satan to get in you and stay in there when you bend your ass over  in church. 

I bet you believe he was a good man of god and that he came before jesus to. 

You're God is a fake. 

I bet you believe God is him a human liar. 

Oh he to rape his daughter and can' get to God but through man of God not jesus.  Man of God. 

Did he come before jesus. 

I bet u blame me for the fact he beat me and wanna laugh with that bitch go on. 

Go bend your ass and open it wide in church like u do and pray for forgiveness 

Make a stink with ur farts 

So go bend your ass over in a damn line and fart 

Cries 😣😣😣😣

It's wrong 😭😭😭😭

You broke our heart 😣😭


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