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Have you heard of the series "Wings of Fire"? Well this is the book you need. I will soon release a book called "Fire Breath" which is a book with the using of Wings of Fire properties like dragon species, similar description words, and the landforming, etc. Fire Breath is split into two eras, the "Stone Claws" and the "Ruby Wings" which describe of before and today, a lot like the Dragonet Prophecy and the Jade Mountain Prophecy. The "Stone Claws" are a group of dragonets fighting to save Queen Hydrant of the Stone Claws group. She was captured of Queen Golden after the "Endless War" which consists of the Queen Tropical against Queen Golden in war. More information is in the Pre-Book which is first released. The first book may be released by May 6th.


  • Prema Melody

    Prema Melody


    Jun 09, 2019

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