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    With the blessings of ALMIGHTY GOD


In association with JESUS, MARY, LILITH                                                & SATAN

     GODOPEDIAOLOGY Proudly presents 

           The play----LILITH'S PROPOSAL

JESUS: Before I say the reality about the LILITH, I feel GODOPEDIAOLOGY should know LILITH'S character, so I have decided to hand over him to her for a while before we 3 decide to break the code or not. So LILITH, you stay here with him, let us all move to a isolated place to decide this matter.

SATAN: I agree with you CHRIST. Let's move to our discussion chamber. 

MARY: How can we leave GODOPEDIAOLOGY alone. 

JESUS: It has a reason behind and this he need to face alone. 

MARY: But he is a poor guy, I can't leave him alone. 

SATAN: Don't worry lady, she can't do anything worster. I guarantee you. 

MARY: How can I trust you? 

SATAN: What you mean by that? 

JESUS: No more discussions, I order both of you to come with me

MARY doesn't feel like leaving GODOPEDIAOLOGY but also can't say no to CHRIST, So without anymore options left she follows both but signs GODOPEDIAOLOGY to stop worrying. All of the 3 enter the secret chamber. No one near GODOPEDIAOLOGY and LILITH feels excessively pleased by the act of CHRIST and starts singing his phrases and looks at GODOPEDIAOLOGY with a seductive looks

LILY: What's up LOGY, so how you feel staying with me alone? 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY couldn't even look at her face. 

LILY: Hey wait, it is here, no there. O my GOD, your cheeks are turning red. I guess it means you are looking at me. 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY is in a condition of uttermost problem, it seems as if he has lost his potency 

LILY: Yeah, come on speak something, don't be shy, I won't harm you

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: I want to quit

LILY: What quit? 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Readers will feel that I am writing to favour myself but they don't know the reality. 

LILY: O, so my sweet baby wants to quit this play and that too without my permission including those 3. 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: I will explain to CHRIST everything. Please leave me I want to quit. 

LILY: Go quit and I will destroy myself. 

LILITH holds her wand and converts it into a sharp sword and is about to pierce herself. 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No, don't do that for GOD'S sake. I beg you. 

LILY: I don't want to live anymore. I am a DEMONESS right. Now I will kill myself and free you and the world from my clutches. 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Don't do that. I hate blood. I will listen to you, please throw that sword. 

LILITH'S eyes tears breaks down and she unable to control her happiness falls unconscious and GODOPEDIAOLOGY quickly holds her and makes her comfortable by putting her on the bed. He sits near her head side and thinks O GOD, WHAT IS THIS TERRIFIC GOOGLY. I AM FINISHED PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE SHE WAKES UP AND ONCE AGAIN MAKES ME MAD. Before he finishes thinking all of the 3 come out of the chamber but get confused looking at GODOPEDIAOLOGY'S Presence near to LILITH. They move towards GODOPEDIAOLOGY. 

..................... cont


  • Apr 06, 2019

  • Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    What, the fact you don't know how to write at all and are portraying Lilith wrong, you fuck

    Apr 06, 2019

  • I like good job ❤❤❤

    Apr 06, 2019

  • Excellent

    Apr 07, 2019

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