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I apologize that these last past days so much anger been built in me. 

I deactivated Facebook this week like day's ago and to be honest I don't want it on my phone or in my life. 

These girl's can't seem to stop making post up about me and making fun of me for being very ill.  And yeah one of them work as a nurse and the other as helping deaf people in.  So yeah I been very in pain and I been in a fight with one of them a year ago.  

So I am still hurt and I started cutting a year ago and had to stop due to loosing to much blood and going really deep. 

I just wish she stop making post up about me because I have a grandmother I have to care fo for and she is so tired of me cutting myself and me and these girl's because I am so tired of post being made on her facebook bout me. 

And when I write bout it I am only struggling with shit because yeah I am mentally ill and diagnosed with bipolar after all their shit. 

Imagine spending year's with dramatic girl's in your home screaming and running around telling everyone what to do. 

And a stepmother who hates you so damn much enough to try to break your throat in.  And when u go to be with ur own mommom the bitch and her friend is over raising everyone hell in your grandma house to. 

So they no peace. 

And it is hard to heal.  I am only 22.  I went through hell. 

So I apologize for spamming and how much much hate she's causing. 

May god teach her a lesson to leave sick people the hell alone. 

Because I am yet again so very tired and sick of them all. 

Yet to have a girl that went to your school and yet she tells people my business at my school was so humiliating and to be honest I was suicidal because I didn't wanna come back to my state. 

So I ran off with some man to another state. 

And was poisoning myself and overdosing this was a year ago. 

And to be honest I didn't care if he killed me 

I just wanted to leave my state and though they were suspicious why I was trying to kill myself and overdosing on pill's well now y'all know. 

I am so tired of bitches hate. 

I wouldn't gave a shit if I died I hate her. 

I hate her to the point if she came back up to my house I am going to stab her 


I am probably gonna be in jail for not so long because if she comes back on my property its my property and when I kill a bitch for it,  I still innocent 


  • Martha Paredes

    Martha Paredes

    Don't let them get to you. You are worth a lot. God is there to help you through. You matter to him and to your family to not hurt yourself. Look in the mirror and ask God to show you your value. Don't give up.

    Apr 05, 2019

  • Lots of problem, but only one solution just neglect those who have made your life miserable and embrace GOD, Keep travelling all the day to different places in cheap public transport costing less money and meet those who energize you and read those things that influences you because I am also leading the same or less life as you.

    Apr 05, 2019

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