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That closed door that hurricane no matter what we still stayed the same , there is no place I'd rather be and there is no face I'd rather see because you are my compass guiding me an directing me,   you are my anchor through the storm and you are my crutch keeping me from falling when my path had me going in circles and I could not see but now you have gone and left me to weather the storm all alone I miss your laughter and I especially miss the compassion that you always shown well it's been about five years now dad that you have been gone and I can still remember how I held your hand while you waited for your last breath so you could  move on, dad you may not be with us today but in my heart you're going to always be here, dad I wish you could see all the changes that I have made everything in my life is finally becoming clear dad you are still and always will be my Superman my superhero and my saving Grace, no one can ever ever take your place, on a very very cold day  in December God  called you  home I guess God needed you for something much greater than all of us knew, but now clay myself Rhonda alneata and Daniel we are all flying  without wings because  of you .


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres


    Apr 05, 2019

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