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   In our nation we face a very serious threat created by the complicated conditions of our world within the United States. For years msm, mainstream media, has failed to keep up with the appropriate release of stories and issues surrounding our country. This pressure was lifted as independent media sources started taking up the weight to release factual news without bias or agenda's. Unfortunately many sources such as YouTube have been demonetizing independent media sources due to issues with demands from company based ads. This hurting the independent media as they lack the nescessary funding to keep the camera's rolling.

   Certainly companies don't want to be represented with hate speech and cruelty. In the end, it makes for bad business. However, when someone is talking about issues they go as far as blocking it. There's a problem there, as they are trying to stifle the freedom of the press. The only time this should be regulated is by blocking those who are saying these hateful things. Not by blocking those who are standing against these problems. I beseech to those company owners who want a free media which expresses a sensible attitude to stand up with these sources.

   Freedom of the press is a sacred right, but why should those who are standing up for the same principles be punished.

Please share this and ask these companies to see what they are doing to the real news. At one time, news was once a place of learning and not of biased attacks. They are trying to use your good will as an excuse to destroy the sources with these same morals and values by demonetizing these programs.


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