IS LILITH A DEMONESS 2 Read Count : 22

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       With the blessings of ALMIGHTY GOD

    & With the association of JESUS, MARY,                                   LILITH & SATAN 

        GODOPEDIAOLOGY Proudly presents 

    The play: IS LILITH A DEMONESS (part 2)

After much difficulty, with no further options left struck between the duos, GODOPEDIAOLOGY felt that he has committed a serious crime, his fear indeed has given that reply which he is now fainting hard to breathe but as always GOD is his saviour and GOD'S followers were his shield. MARY and JESUS stood on his right and left side, looking at that the SATAN nodes towards LILITH

LILITH: OK sorry, I shouldn't have called you like that

MARY: It's OK, in this types of debates thinks gets worster and I also apologise for what ever that has happened

SATAN: Now that's the spirit ladies, now you have proved that you are IMMORTALS

JESUS: Actually there is no wrong in making fun of someone but it is always good to some extent and let the world know through you that QUARRELS WON'T BENEFIT ANYONE AND IT IS THE NATURE OF FORGIVING SOMEONE WHICH IS CONSIDERED AS THE GREATEST THING AND SOMETHING THAT PUTS YOU CLOSER TO ALMIGHTY GOD. IT ALSO PROVIDES A RELIEF AND MAKES EACH ONE FREE FROM THE BURDEN OF UNHAPPINESS. I am pleased by both of your acts. So GODOPEDIAOLOGY, my child, the question you have asked I will answer it

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: What CHRIST, how can you? 

MARY: What's wrong in that? 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No but how CHRIST knows about her life

LILY: We all live in the same paradise that ALMIGHTY GOD has created for us

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Really but in BIBLE, they say that only believers of GOD stay in heaven and others in hell

SATAN: Do you believe in BIBLE or us? 

GODOPEDIAOLOGY is confused but can't say much because this is the place which has no place for false assumptions. So he believes that now his play will definitely go smoothly but as always TIME IS BIGGEST HEADACHE AND IF IT IS OFF, IT MEANS OFF AND GODOPEDIAOLOGY without further option waits till tomorrow. 

By that time good morning to all of you....................................... 


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