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Waking up,every morning and going around my house hold choice,to me was something I loved to do,my life started as a single mother at the age of sixteen, well,wat else if not ,to drop out of school,feeding was difficult, but ,there was a very special ,woman in my life,that,I could leen onto,though I had no symptoms of pregnancy ,for six months, it was until I got to the seventh stage,that I realized that,I will be a mum,I couldn't do anything to prevent it ,because it was to late nothing could be done,for as we all know families,friends, and everyone around u will,hurt your feelings by uttering hateful word's, wat could I do my only comfort was my Grandma, from day one of my pregnancy I had no check up ,nor drug's four months latter I had a baby boy,a very beautiful baby boy ,at first I could not smile nor say a word, because it was a sad moment for me from were will I start,as a mum by providing for these child,it looked very adorable, after a month ,when it could smile at me ,he's smile was so tarching ,nothing I could do but play along,and give the love of a mother

I has to start some part time  jobs to earn something, I made sure he lucked nothing, from the work place I had really hard time's ,having to send my child to the work place,was a bad idea ,I gues ,no one love to play with him,sometimes I had no transportation ,I had to treck to work,and till now still fighting to make a good future, for sake of my child,and I.


  • Tough indeed

    Apr 05, 2019

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