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Sub Category : Horror

    It was a night like any other. I was getting under my covers as I shut my eyes. I could hear my clock quietly click in the background as the dark filled under my shut eyelids. Soon I was asleep like normally. The dreams soon stepped in, but something seemed off. I then started to hear my clock and thought I was awake. So I walked into my living room and turned on the light, but something was wrong.

    All the furniture was missing, even the TV. Nothing but bare space just like when I first bought it. The only thing left was a the clock, but the clock was different. Much bigger and transparent with only numbers and inside gears with arms turning. They seemed to be getting quicker and much faster. So fast the clicking sounded like grinding metal. Then suddenly it stopped. The lights turned off suddenly and back on. Then there was a shadow figure in the distance.

    He was holding a watch by a rope that made it swing left and right to the clicking of a normal clock. Then the shadowy figure took off it's hat slowly and it fell into the ground. The lights soon only shined on the hat as the figure disappeared into the dark. The lights were back on and the only thing left was a hat. I picked it up and there was a note underneath that read, "time was in your expense, for you've been in sleep much longer then you think, and you won't be waking up."

    I soon heard a small voice say in nowhere, "it's no use, he won't wake up, he is already dead... The coma is already too far..."

    I yelled into the air I was awake, but no voice returned. I yelled and made as much noise as I could, but no response. Then suddenly the walls turned to dirt and the room became much more darker. Dirt was falling from the ceiling crushing me from the weight. As I suffocated I could hear only one last thing, the sounds of cries at a funeral in a cemetery...


  • Apr 04, 2019

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