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She was a girl that went to school admitted she loves jesus 

Next thing they know a gun was pulled to her head and asked her to repeat it 

And when she repeated she loved jesus he shot her. 

True story and a movie.. 

Yet they lie they can't hate.  When a girl we all know and her story proves they wanna kill us. 

Wanna make friends with us and plot a secret murder against us.  

Pretend they care...  Use us to plot their murder... 

Their secret hate.... They love hitler and they heil him that's their master and they have their secret plot to friend us to try to kill us. 

Then to admit she wanted to kill  me. 

Oh how atheist I will never be a atheist...  Nor would I sit around and make fun of a child that has health problems because you believe your fat ass is perfect when you eating Burger's and bullying people and taking pictures of your private part 

And we all see it... 

How if I were you I be embarrassed because I made you a page with ur private part up as the profile picture under ur name. 

Since you love to send your friends boyfriend a picture of your black pussy. 


  • Great

    Apr 05, 2019

  • Moon ????

    Moon ????

    Thabk u❤💚💙💛 I like your books to keep writing.🦊

    Apr 05, 2019

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