Thief Faces The Karma Read Count : 13

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After all the year's of taking stuff,  and after all the year's of being abusive and controlling the thief finally faces karma. 

After all the scars she made a girl lay on her wrist and the post after post and the lies she told and finally the little thief faces her own karma. 

Someone bigger then her bug size stepped over her ❤❤❤

And the girl who sliced her wrist for the big bug 🐛 finally got her new car.  And made friends with people like herself instead of friends with backbiters. 

Wanna forever spread lies and rumors on her Facebook and in her messenger like ididn't know. 

And tell people shit bout girl who cut's and is ill.  And then wanna get her started on self harm.  And act  like she needs help and couldn't tell cop's the post and message's she was sending to a girl from her school. 

Coming into someone's family home acting like a slut,  and throwing her stuff all over the place, and not wanting to tell the full story of why she hates her so fucking much and when karma got her it made me laugh. 

And when she wanna message her shit like I can't see her messages and shit. 

When it the hackist bitch... 

When everyone see's your pictures and all and messages and all they needed was your phone number,  facebook,  your email. 

That what big 🐛 gets...  Her 1000 leg's couldn't poison anyone no more. 

Because bitch hackist got your ass ❤❤❤

I am gonna post the pictures of your Virginia on a porn site under your name little slut. 

That's what the bitch gets for black mailing people. 

I am putting her pictures of her virgina and her videos of her porn all over porn under her name and pictures 


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