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I close my eyes and step on the gas and say a prayer,please God take me back

I used to make this stuff called broken families

Cuz one hit of the tina will give you broken home disease

Selling your foodstamps ,with a hungry baby,you have so much ease

She'll have your world messed up if you put a drop in the vein

Dirty clothes and stinking house,foodless bellies roar with a pain

As they watch their parents inject the monster it flows through the brain

And it's like talking to a heartless bastard cuz once she takes a dance inside those veins

There is nothing left of a soul that once cares,just fast talkers and mr fix it is all that remains

To come into a life and bring pain and chaos was never my intention

I'm sorry lil girl about your mom,not giving you any attention

Like a natural disaster I tore up the home because of a b!tch name Tina

She'll have you dancing for no reason like a ballerina

She'll make you stop caring about your Bill's,watching them getting stacked so high

You'll be back in your parents stealing anything to get fix, maybe even mumble a lie

Started off as a weekend drug now its ran through your life and ate the whole fucking pie

I told she stingy with the lifes she takes and you said you could handle that monster

Sex and stealing shes got you trapped playing with your life did that ever occur

Maybe next time you'll think before you act instead of the family break up tour


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Powerful and disturbing 🦋very well written 🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 04, 2019

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