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Nobody but God could have brought me as far as I have come, he delivered me from the darkness and took away my pain an my heart ache  this is my story of how I fought Satan and won, my back was up against the wall I had nothing to lose the only thing that seemed to matter to me was getting back everything that Satan that stole from me, I made so many bad choices as a child and I made many more as I got older, I remember it all so well sitting in a room all alone lost not knowing if I should go forward with my life or if I should just end it but instead I made a deal with the devil I  signed a contract and I sighned my name in blood, I started doing things that I normally would never do , the contract that I signed with Lucifer Prince of darkness himself entitled me to a life of misery and pain it entitled me to nothing but heartache and suffering for the rest of my life but I did  not know that,,everything I ever thought and everything that I ever knew was a lie Satan conveniently took my life And  he packed it  up and wrapped it up  in a neat package And he  put a ribbon on it with the bow, and before I could even think twice about what I had done by sighning that contract years had passed and it seemed like a lifetime had come and gone with me stumbling around and fumbling around in the dark looking for a way out the contract that I signed with Satan was null and void it was non negotiable and it was non-reversible but as I was in the dark I began to search and I began to seek the truth the truth that would set me free and that's when I saw a light at the end of the tunnel could it be that my dark days are finally over could it be that the lies that were surrounding me could be dissolved and replaced with God's love, yes it could and it was I have been set free with nothing but the desire to know the one who made me I am no longer in Satan's dark place but I am now walking by faith and not by sight God is giving me wings to fly, and my contract with Satan has been paid in full the contract was bought out by God himself and he took those papers that I signed in blood and he threw them away and told me my child DC your debt has been paid,  so when you see me smiling and when you see me walking through life as if I know something you don't know well I do have a reason to have this attitude and I do have a reason to have this confidence that shows everywhere I go and the reason is very very simple I don't need to know how how many mountains I had to climb and I don't need to know how many seas I had to cross or even  how many knights I stayed up on my knees in prayer I held on to God's word and I held on to the promises he made  me the funny thing is  I was never gone I was already here all I had to do was trust God



  • Apr 04, 2019

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