Two Faced Read Count : 23

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Fantasy

Sitting thinking which side I should bring out

The one getting light and starting to love or the one all blacked out

Remember my momma used to say "turn the other cheek"

My father used say "fight first and let your fist speak"

It's like a wave of emotions swimming in tears as big as oceans

Grew up on scraps of the street's, to be great was my only ambition

But I'm great at two things one more than the other

Being in the darkness everything becomes natural like being a mother

Rarely shed light or showed love dunno how to show feelings

Used to get beatings till broken bones bounced off the ceilings

What do I do bring out the one I'm used to and shed some crazy

Because I'm ready to put some people in the ground and have them pushing up daisies 


  • Apr 04, 2019

  • Apr 06, 2019

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