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People wonder who I am, well they call me the listener. I hear voices of the tortured. Of the alone. Sometimes I can feel their breath on the back of my neck. They don't scare me. Cause I listen to their screams and whispers. In the night they will whisper in my ear telling me to do things. Horrible things, I told them no that is not a good idea. They are more Powerful then us. So I must do what they say, or bad things will happen. I told people of the creatures that whisper, but they just laugh at my face. I felt like an alien that just arrived from mars. I have been told to find help. I am pretty sure those jerks are dead though. The whispers told me to do bad things to those people and I will. I have no one to love , but my little sister Emma. I would murder the world for her. We are orphans ,so we don't care about anyone. We only care for each other. The whispers would use her against me if I don't listen. So I do what they say or bad things will happen to Emma. I won't take that risk of losing her. Oh no I have to go the whispers are back. See you later , The listener Please forgive me about my last letter. I really don't want to be caught by the whispers. I really don't want to know what they can do. I remember when the whispers found me. I must have been seven or six, well I was young. Emma was six months old, my parents went to the store with Emma. I was home alone watching one of those stupid shows where kids watch the same episodes over again till the parents go insane. Remember those VHS things, the VHS popped out of the tv. I was mad because the tape inside was rolled out of the VHS. I cleaned the mess up, knowing if I didn't my new bike would disappear. The tv went to those gray screens with the loud noise. I quickly unplugged the tv. The screen was still on. The the microwave started beeping, the phone ringed, and Emma's baby swing started rocking. Then I woke up in the hospital with my baby sister. My parents went missing. We were in foster home after foster home, till I was eighteen and took care of Emma. That was my life. I don't know why me, but I was chosen. I wish I knew why they kept Emma alive. I have to go do an " Deed" of some sort. See you later , the listener Hello it is me again. Who else would it be. We this letter will be an interesting one. Trust me! Today started of as a normal day. Emma was getting ready for school, as a typical thirteen year ago would. I rented an apartment for us couple years back. The whispers always left gifts. Most of the time things we wanted. Such as something like a necklace. This time Emma wanted something for her first day of school. I gave her mom's old necklace that she gave me before mom went missing. She was grateful for about two minutes. That night she wished the necklace will make her be adored and have good luck. Now don't get me wrong whispers are complete jerks. They have thing for giving gifts though. Well every bad thing has a good thing involved. Now Emma is so happy. Everyone tends to love her. I hate to have to wish for her fun to be over. I have to go. TEENAGERS! See you later , the listener Let's get back to the so called scary stuff. I will give more information. Soon. I have to keep a low profile, they have ways. So do I. The whispers sound sort harmless, right? Trust me they are not. We're do you think my parents went! They tell me to do certain deeds and I do them. That's how it has been working sense I was seven. I really don't want to mention my deeds. Well let's just say the whispers don't like bad people. They are mix between a blessing and a curse. They threatened Emma's life. I will tell you more about Emma next letter. I have the cops on my trail. Not for long though. The whispers don't like people messing with their plans. Talk to you later , the listener I have to keep my promise don't I. Well Emma Is special, not that special parents say because the kid got a sticker on a stupid math test. Real special. When she was about four , we just moved in with or new foster family. Mr. and Mrs. Lester or whatever. Something happened. I am not sugarcoating any of these, you have my word. Emma met an women that offered her a golden apple. I know this reminds you of Snow White. Hate burst your bubble but, there is no seven tiny men or a complete weirdo who kisses a girl he only met once. Like who does that! I am getting off topic here. Well she bit the apple. Nothing really happened. Till one day she made something explode with her mind. Sounds cool right. Not so cool when you're foster parents are wondering why their feather pillows' guts Is all over the house. Oh shoot she made my water glass float in the air and explode. See you later , the listener Something happened. It is Emma. She is missing . I need help, can you help me? Now I being just insane! I am asking people I don't know. Must have been the whispers. I have done what they asked. This can't be true! Last time I saw her she was in her room, doing homework. Then a flash of light, took over the room. Then just like that she was gone. If you haven't been believing me from the start. I can prove it. Who talks to you when you sleeping? Not your cat! It is them recruiting more slaves. If you want to help find Emma. Then do so. I leave more information. About the whispers. Next letter. They are back, I have to go. See you later , the listener


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