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Smile your beautiful. 

Please don't cut because it not worth it. 

I threw my blaze away last week and still my scars from the cut's before won't heal.  Don't put yourself in those shoes 

Because scars won't heal. 

And the  the risk  of infection. 

It's hard but they only are jealous 💚

So smile. 

Don't do what I did.  Because it won't make anything better. 

Scars won't always heal.  Wont aways fade. 

And the times I felt like collapsing after loss of blood. 

Bullies will never be worth then a damn penny. 

If it takes someone who's always bigger to slap them so hard to teach a lesson. 

Because God will aways send his soldiers. 

Karma's karma 💚

God's gonna make a way. 

And they will be taught. 

If they didn't learn God will send another storm their way. 

God will make a storm.  Sometimes a mess can make something really beautiful❤

Remember that Princess and prince❤❤❤

God can  make a tornado to turn a mess into something really beautiful 💚


  • Apr 04, 2019

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