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My friends see me as a cheerful lil girl,

Little fo they know that i haven't unfurled.

They see me full of life and energy,

But I'm really just trapped,

 i want to be free.

Trapped in a bubble with no escape,

That has been my lifelong place,

I have had zero space.

My friends? I cannot tell them,

You want to know why?

Well, they have never seen me sad,

I always act so very glad.

They will think this is a joke,

They'll laugh and laugh,

While i feel like I've eaten soap.

Thry see me singing in the streets,

Little do they know,

I feel too intervened, 

I cannot sing,

Or strut down streets,

Having a knife,

That is my treat.

I fell empty,

Not full like they see,

So now i know,

That there's a second side of me.

Emma Woldul


  • Apr 04, 2019

  • Beautiful ❤❤❤

    Apr 04, 2019

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