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Your not alone....  In fact none  of you are. 

Take precautions,  make reports,  catch it on recorder and gmail it to the police if you can. 

Or video what's going on.  Hide a phone under your bed or a recorder  and record all that is happening just don't get caught.  

Physically and emotionally or sexually abuse can ruin a child's life. 

All kid's should do this.  And gmail to police or someone you trust. 

Your not alone.  That's the job of a abusive person to lie their way out and try to make you look like the crazy one. 

When there 🤥 nose is growing. 


If you need a recorder purchase one or ask someone you trust....  And hide it in a good spot. 

Noone deserves to be physically or emotionally or sexually abused. 

Or do they deserve to grow up with a mental illness caused from abused. 

Yeah kid's that are abused or sexually abused grow up being diagnosed with bipolar or have mental illness and depression and grow suicidal and yes  they cut 


Having to spend years crying and screaming and feeling trapped and noone understanding what's wrong. 

And it does no good but causes kid's to get bullied at school 

Then you fail your test. 

Then your punished from that too. 

Abused and punishments is to different thing's but if the parents caused it by affecting your health then it's their fault not yours. 

Sadly I know 

Living like that is a shame.  Especially for the bullies they haven't experienced what you have. Their laughing and talking trash and I know your hurt I been to. 

But yet  you aren't alone. 

If I could be smarter as a kid I would done this.  But since this idea came to my mind.  Any kid should do this. 

Fight's don't stay behind the curtains and you don't have to keep quiet for a liar. 

Expose them ❤❤❤❤

I was cutting myself for a year and I started to get to deep.  

And this girl exposed me telling people trash bout me because she thought it be funny and and that her jokes were funny.  And people laughed with her.  But I moved on from her BS.  And you shouldn't had to live that way and neither should I had or any kid being abused or bullied. 

Don't tell noone but someone you trust.  That's how BS starts.  People can't  be trusted. 

Their also abusive too... 

They didn't go through what you did.... 

And that's why they behave their selfish ways.  Their spoilt kids.  So grow up and expose them. 

Place them in a spotlight.  

Let the world begin to laugh and mock them and pray that God will make them grow the hell up and may Karma make them grow the hell up... 

Let's  make earth a better place by throwing away the trash 


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