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Quick Note: Yeah it's me again, the same reason as the last note for why I haven't been posting. Ok now to the story.


Sam: Do I see a rock pillar in the distance? Jake: Nah that's just a machine gun tower, wait what did I just say? Mark: What? Everyone: <INTIMIDATED> Pine Machine Gunners: ₩¥€£! (Fire!) Mark: Hide! Wait, why is there a Pine sitting over there? <Mark Walks To The Pine> Um hello? Pine: ₩! (Ah!) Mark: Jake you talk to him. Jake: €¥€£? (What's your name?) Piney: £¥£¥¥¥£€₩ (My name is Piney.) Jake: He says his name is Piney, oh and we need to set up a base before night. Jessica: Well, let's get chopping! <A While Later In The Forest Next To Mt Crisp...> Sam: My arm hurts... Jacob: I know, mine hurts too... <Later At The New Camp...> Jake: I'm tired... Jacob: Me too... Jake: £¥€£¥€¥£ (Goodnight Piney.)

Piney: £¥€£¥ (Goodnight.)


  • The use of different landmarks give us a visual of how the scene looks like.

    Jun 25, 2019

  • 👍

    Jun 25, 2019

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