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Envy was child that was ingrained in Tacoma Washington, her mother leandra love to roam the world cause of seeing new places and experiencing new things, her dad lecum wasn't that supportive in her life due to her mother divorce with her father. Envy was a child who's name wasn't misleading due for her jealous behaviors with other kids, Envy stop being jealous of what other kids have said her aunt lianna, Envy have long thick black hair with green eyes so do her mom and her aunt cause all of them have similar appearances, as Envy reply to her aunt in a angry voice she always roll her eyes as usual, but aunt they have toy cars and I dont!  Envy replied. Her aunt watched her in a emotional face trying to get Envy to calm down. Envy forget about those kids and come inside with your brother and eat lunch, Envy has a step brother known as kim and he's 20 which is 10 years older than Envy. Her brother pride graduated college roughly around 2 years ago and now has a job in Manhattan New York. As Envy race across the kitchen floor in bullet speed just to get the biggest chair to sit on her hair blew back like like roaring waves, Now Envy you know that chair isn't for you it's for your brother aunt said, but aunt he always has everything, As the pale light escaped the room and the wind closed the large red curtains kim over heard their conversation. Now Envy why you always get jealous for everything someone has eh? Don't you have dolls to play with and a large tv sitting in front of you? Kim interrupted. I am 10 years old kim I don't need dolls Envy replied . Ya'll better stop chatting and eat before your food turns cold aunt said. The family eated like any other black family living in the states. It was going to hit eleven pm so as soon as Envy finish eating her meal she went on to to her big pink bed, the room wasn't big though cause of want her mom couldn't afford. It was three in the morning when Envy heard a loud noise in the kitchen area. She rushed off her bed and started going for the door, she walked down the dairy stairs through the hallway in the softest footsteps then she stoped. Then she heard someone holding a conversation in the kitchen, it was a man's voice and a lady voice and it sounded like her dad's voice and her mom's voice, but it couldn't be them cause her dad didn't visited I'm the last 5 years and her mom is on tour. As she step close to check who's in the kitchen her aunt came out withe angry footsteps, Now Envy can you please explain the fuck you up this early? said aunt. Her aunt is a very abusive woman who will literally kill her children if they told her lies, As aunt was waiting for a reply Envy stormed off upstairs. These fucking kids these days are insane said aunt. It was still three in the morning when Envy went downstairs again she was still hearing the conversation in the kitchen so she speed very fast to see who it was but she saw nothing, absolutely nothing. She felt the cold wind of disappointment. She thought in her head that it don't make sense, she knew that that she wasn't going insane and she knew she heared someone. It was going to hit four in the morning and Envy knew if she don't sleep she's going to feel shattered when it's six in the morning. She saw her brother's work project in the distance of the dining room. As usual she was jealous her bRotherham was getting all the attention and she wanted one burn his project right down to three grains of dust. In some stranged way  she remembered that her mom said that there's evil spirits that roam and hold conversation in the kitchen and it could be the spirit of her evil grandparents. The spirits temped her to burned the project down so she went for the lighter on the brown rusty counter and she lighted it several times then threw it on the project. There were gasoline that wasupportive not the floor from her brother's mistake by dropping the gas tank. The lighter accidentally drop on the floor and burned her alive. Her brother woke up cause he was Snelling smokeep through the bedroom door so did her aunt. They rushed to the front door but couldn't escaped cause the fire blazed seven feet in the air. It was two hours later when ambulance came with fire trucks and neighbors trying to hear the simple gossip of evil nature, and this was the unsolved story of Kentwood family in 1981, and that's why they called her Envy 


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