Sneak Peak Chap. Four Read Count : 9

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure

When rapunzel saw the outside world she felt scared but then she got brave and jumped but she didn't touch the grass yet. Then she jumped onto the grass.she felt it soft with her bare feet " I am finally free!" She sang and started running"and I will keep running and racing and galloping and trotting! I could see the whole world! It`s a dream.. come... true!!" She sang she finally run miles from her tower and from the that day she explored the rest of the world. Then flynsaid something her " are you hungry! I have the best place for us to go to! And it's called the sunguly duckling!" Rapunzel felt hungry and the name of that place made her smiling " we are here! Here are some of my friends" rapunzel saw many bad guys she held her frying pan but then they became friends and just in time the bad guys showed them a secret passage. When they were trying to escape eugene received a cut on his arm. Rapunzel putted her hair on his hand ."...." he gasped."don't freak out!"she said. Flyn just froze. Soon they both started to fall in love instantly


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