Sneak Peak Chap. Three Read Count : 14

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure

One day eugene had escaped the guards and then he saw rapunzel`s tower " now that looks like fun" he said. He climbed up the tower "no one would see you now!" As he opened his satchel. BANG! Rapunzel had hit eugene on the head "ahh!" She screamed. She looked and saw it was a stranger. Quietly rapunzel looked at him. Then his eye opened BANG! She hitted him again "I need to hide this body and quick!" Rapunzel tried to put him in her closet. But he fell out. She tried again and he fell on top of her. She tried for the last time and locked her closet. But she saw his fingers boop boop boop "I have a human in my closet! See that Pascal this weapon is-" BANG! Rapunzel hitted the pan in her eye but then she saw a crown. She tried it on. She stared at her in the mirror. Soon rapunzel heard a voice " rapunzel! Let down your hair!" Rapunzel quickly hid the crown in a vase and let down her hair. " mother can I leave my tower!" But then mother gothel looked at her and said no "but mother there will be lights in the sky and I really want to go there!" Mother gothel lost her control " enough rapunzel!" Rapunzel was sad " ugh listen I don't want to be the bad guy" as mother gothel sat down " so..." then mother gothel said something " I will be gone for three days take care okay" rapunzel nodded. Then she got the body out of her closet.  When eugene woke up he noticed that his hands were tied up " what the!" Then he saw someone in the darkness "who are you?" Rapunzel asked " my name is Flynn Ryder" rapunzel looked at him " promise me to take me too the lights" eugene nodded it was going to be the first time rapunzel was in the outside world☆



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