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Rapunzel also had a very special pet called Pascal. He is a lizard and can camafouge. They were playing hide and seek . Rapunzel had grown into an adult and now her hair is twice as long."gotcha!" Yelled rapunzel as she found Pascal."okay what do you want to do?" Said rapunzel. Pascal pointed his tail to the bottom of her tower."why don't we enjoy inside the tower!" Rapunzel jumped In her tower."today will be a new start for my day!" Meanwhile back in Corona three villains were stealing of the villains were named eugene. A skinny fellow and ultra confident. Back in rapunzel`s tower rapunzel was painting herself. Then she heard her mother " rapunzel! Let down your hair!" Mother gothel said"coming mother!" Said rapunzel. She threw her hair down and pulled her hair back up again. " mother today is my birthday" rapunzel said " well happy birthday honey" but then rapunzel showed her painting " can you take to see the lights! Those are the ones that show it is my birthday "rapunzel said "so can I go outside the tower!" But then mother gothel said something " no it's much to dangerous. Never ask to leave the tower again" rapunzel sadly nodded "yes mother" she replied. Back in Corona eugene was being chased by the royal guards. Rapunzel saw her mother leave "bye..." rapunzel just kept watching until her mother went away but she kept looking for a long time☆


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