A Sneak Peak For Chap. One Read Count : 11

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure

Once upon atime there lived a royal family the king and queen had a child and that child was a girl.she was going to be a princess when she grew up. They named her rapunzel but before that the queen became sick. So then the royal guards looked for the golden flower it had a shining sparkle. But then a lady named mother gothel.she started to sing but if you noticed she was an old lady and whenever she sings about the flower her hair turned black. But then she heard the guards coming so she his the flower in a Bush." We found it!" Yelled one of the guards. Soon everyone of the guards were pulling the flower out. Mother gothel got angry and planned to find out what will they use it for. The gave the golden flower to the queen it healed her. Soon they had rapunzel. She was special because her hair was long but it also glowed. About one year later.at one night mother gothel sneaked into the palace and saw the child with the glowing hair. She tried to cut off her hair. She cited off only on piece of her hair but it turned brown! all was left was brown streak. So mother gothel kidnapped Rapunzel. They parents heard rapunzel crying until they woke up and waid,"the baby!" They rushed to the balcony and saw mother gothel with rapunzel. Then she escaped. Before that the king and queen would celebrate rapunzel`s birthday by putting lights in the sky. When mother gothel finally had rapunzel she locked her in a tower for eighteen years. Rapunzel thought mother gothel was her real mother but she had kidnapped rapunzel and it seemed like rapunzel didn't remember her real parents."mommy why can't I go outside" asked rapunzel one evening while mother gothel brushed her hair " the outside world is a dangerous place full of other people"mother gothel replied. One night rapunzel crept to her window and she would see the lights. It was a new start for her and her hair would grow long after eighteen years☆


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