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No matter how much help you get
to deal with whatever pain you’re 
going through-whether it’s writing or
 sharing or anything else the bottom line is you have to make the definitive 
Some of us are so focused on our painful issue -almost frozen in its grasp
that we feel we cannot break free

Others try to hold on to a relationship 
that has ended or is abusive- Logic
tells us that this will probably not change but in desperation it is difficult to break free so we lament hoping for some change

As hard as it is and it is -because of the anguish and time it can take
there seems to be no solution 
The bottom line is we he have to be the main part of that solution 

In my own situation I too felt that there were no answer for me
With the elements I mentioned I 
realized the pain l would inflict on my 
loved ones would be unfair to them
This didn’t happen overnight but it changed my outlook on life 

My solution is My solution 
Each one of us finds their own way or lives with the “ Satus Quo”
Bottom line-It’s up to you


  • Apr 03, 2019

  • Apr 03, 2019

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