You've Had Those Feelings By Tegan Alice Stretton Read Count : 24

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You've had those feelings... You wish your life was done. 

Your broken, defeated and over come. 

Each day more challenging than the last. 

Moments of weakness 

emotions constantly masked. 

You've had those feelings.... Walking down the Shadows of Fear drowning endlessly by single tear. 

Running alongside of self-discovery fearing the loss of self recovery. 

Part of my mind going unknown dangerous sides going unshown. 

You've had those feelings just like me I'm going insane in every situation my brain can't reframe from taking the blame.

Life's a bitter sweet pill I am forced to take against my will. 

Everyone trying to pull me back into so called reality. 

I suppose it's hard for some to understand. 

This isn't the way I planned, forgot how I became this way.

Feel like calling it a day!!

But then I think of those who I hold close to my heart and ending it now would tare them apart.

So while I'm thinking of my dread... 

I'll try and sort this mess in my head.

You can see the facial expressions and think everything is going fine but you can't see the dreadful pain of the heart that's so hard to define. 


  • Apr 03, 2019

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