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It's hard to be happy 

when you always feeling sad... 

And It's hard to care... 

when everyone makes you mad 

It's hard to feel pretty 

when you think you always look shitty... 

It's hard to try and smile

And Force myself to laugh

While everything you've ever known starts collapsing in on itself. 

I take a deep breath

I count to three,

I picture in my head

Of who they wanted me to be... 

Wanted me to be normal,

Happy, and kind ... 

But I was blind...

Not blind by the meaning

But blind in the heart... 

Blinded by darkness,

Blinded in the dark... 

I'll never be good enough

No matter how hard I try.

Never will I be the girl you dream of at night.

It's sad but true.

I'll Never be good enough 

Good enough for you.

I'll never be the girl you truly desire.

Never will I be the girl you so desperately require.

It's sad but true.

I'll Never be good enough 

Never be Good enough for you 

Things have no meaning, 

At least not anymore....

Blank expression while I'm staring at the wall... 

Emotionlessly I dragged my feet across the floor... 

I'm not who i once was before

no more.


  • i know you think that I dont know what you mean... but i really do... you are a wonderful writer who deserves the best of love and i actually felt like this today this helped me to realize people like us arent alone... please keep writing you are amazing...

    Apr 04, 2019

  • Tegan Alice  Stretton

    Tegan Alice Stretton

    Thankyou so much, you have no idea how much your comment means to me. You've made me smile ☺ xx

    Apr 04, 2019

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