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  • I was a very average student in my school in class 10th. But the story was not the same when I was in lower academic classes , when I was younger, I was a bright student and I had a high self esteem and I was confident about myself anyways despite that I was a stupid child. 
  • Although I was an average student in class 10th as I told ,I had a craving for better grades too.and it was result day of my first maths examination I was seriously disturbed ,shun , and to my utter shock I did the worst in the history of my maths grades I could never express that but deep down I knew I deserved those marks cause I took its so for granted I didn't study well . 
  • maybe I became overconfident about my self I don't know but those results hit me hard we were alloted a vacation/holidays from school after the exam(pongal holidays) I knew what iam going to do in those days 
  • I decided the timetable where everyone was talking about the vacation spots they were planning to go i was deciding my time table I knew I cannot let go waste of it.
  • I concluded laziness is not going to pay off on the day of examination . I anyhow decided to overcome will was so strong because of the failure maybe that's why you need to double the rate of failure in order to succeed 
  • and I planned accordingly and I submitted to all the task i imposed on my self I did it with determination 
  • the chapters i would find difficult are now a cakewalk I thought .why didn't I do this earlier,  I said to myself .damn iwas so stupid I didn't knew this ;was my reaction to sums i mastered
  • I now knew I have done well schedule checked,tasks completed, maths was  no longer my weakness i thought
  • I worked hard and the holidays were over I went back to school had a chat with my bestie and I told her about my self-study stuff and she admired 
  • in my next examination I did pretty well (I got the same marks as I got in the first one but I knew this time I worked hard so it was amazing , I could cope with less marks but not cope with laziness or lacking practice or study)
  •  hope you enjoyed:) 
  • (I'm a beginner so please excuse my grammatical mistakes)


  • hope you don't mind any mistakes it's my first time writing :)

    Apr 04, 2019

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