No Reason To Cry ❤ Read Count : 15

Category : Diary/Journal

Sub Category : N/A

Cries when she hungry 

Cries when she hurts 

Cries when she gets lost 

Cries because she misses her teddy bear 

Cries cries cries 😣😣😣

Please stop crying. I can't stop crying 😭😣

Cries and eats my brother's chip's. 

Cries and eats mom's ice cream

Cries  and eats dad's french fries 

Cries on the living room floor 💙

Cries riding im the car to sad song 

Cries in the libary reading a sad book 📕 

Cries in her bathtub 💓💓💓

Cries in the kitchen on the floor when moms making sandwich 

Mom signs and says stop being  a big baby. 

Dear god I am sorry I spent all day crying all over the place 


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