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I'm sick of people being fake

I tired of making the same mistakes

I've lost touch with reality

I miss the person that I use to be

Now I'm just a mess, can't even get out of bed, my thoughts are toxic and it's poisoning my head

My pillow is a tissue for the tears that i shed

My heart is in pieces it's impossble to mend 

I feel like breaking everyday on end

Its doesn't have to be this way 

they tell me I'll be fine

But they have no clue how I'm feeling deep down inside 

I'm trapped in cage that I made

Confined in my mind. 

I can feel the ground shaking from beneath my feet

No matter how hard I try At night I can't seem to sleep

There's a voice in my head

Talking so loud it's impossble to block out...

Music is the one thing that helps me let it out...

it's been that way all my life and even still now its my paradise 

Where i escape 

When I can't take the weight.

I just want to explode I just wanna let you know 

I'm still fighting for this life 

while getting blow after blow. 

My heart gets broken, my confidence shattered... 

People make fun of me which only gets me madder... 

I act like I don't care... 

I act like it's no biggy.. 

But when I'm finally all alone.. 

That's when the realization hits me right at home. 

Everything starts Caving around me, I'm losing my mind. 

Thinking It's not fair

I just want someone to show me they care... 

I guess that's just too much to ask

just to much hard of a task...


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    You’ll find many of us care - your going through a tough time- sharing can help release some of the pressure-as lve been told- keep writing- Never give up 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 03, 2019

  • Tegan Alice  Stretton

    Tegan Alice Stretton

    I've always expressed myself though my Writing, whether it's original song's or peoms because when I'm writing its the only time i feel able to express myself.

    Apr 03, 2019

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