Shattered By: Skye Kubit Read Count : 4

Category : Poems

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tomorrow slowly comes as today gently leaves, 

the light casually dawns as darkness deliberately fades, 

another day transpires and the heart slowly grieves, 

as thoughts of the past, the pain you caused invades 

the day you shattered my body and my heart 

I was forever lost in an empty abyss

you bruised me, used me, torn me apart 

now I’m left here stranded trying to find my bliss 

I waited years for it all to end 

for the abuse to stop and the torture to die 

but everyday was the same old trend 

is today going to be another black and blue eye? 

no amount of time will be enough 

the pain will always be there 

remember when you acted so tough?

now look who is where? 

life is cruel, can be dark and deep 

but life is beautiful, lovely and meek 

you’re just a distant memory now 

though the memories of you try to invade 

but I will just show you exactly how

the memories I have I can now evade


  • wow... this is absolutely amazing... keep writing 👌

    Apr 02, 2019

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