Broken Meanings Part 2 Read Count : 5

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A pond,

A reflection,

A soul.

Empty eyes staring back at thine.

The pale face of winter and snow.

The slender fingers reaching out,

To connect with its destined others. The ripple of the soft contact,

Echoing throughout the small pond.

The feeling of floating upon liquid. Then the pushing upon the surface, And entering the other's world.

Thy hand surrounded with comfort, Thine other hand follows suit.

Thine mind finds peace,

So that you slip into thine other world. The body stepping in,

The liquid pooling at thine ankles,

The water ripples once more, Communicating throughout its space. Surely thine legs, arms, and neck follow,

Going into thine sacred place.

Thine eyes find their way back with thine reflection,

As they flutter shut and you step fully into the safe kingdom.

Thy face is comforted,

The water protection.

Thy hair fully soaked and floating under thine surface like a blanket of silk.

A faint smile takes over thine rose-like lips,

And thine eyes never open as air escapes thy parted lips.

Thy body tingles and thine arms reach out.

Thine eyes finally open and are met with those of the sky's,

A warm wind blowing over thee,

And the trees wave as other children run laughing to meet thyself.

His Kingdom of Love


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