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Hi every one I'm destiny but I go by dezz I'm still a teen so i don't know much about anything but I can still say that I have went through enough to speak my mind so before I start just to put out there I do not blame anyone for anything that has happend not as if I could or as if it was worse then a lot of stuff that is happening in this world okay so lets start at age five and make are way up so I lived in a small town and I loved it I had lots of guy friends and five beautiful sisters but my dad was not my biological dad and my mom would make sure he and me new it he raised me from birth and I appreciate it but still he always had a little grudge against me I could tell. One of my other sisters we're not his biological daughter either but he was closer to her at the time I do have to admit that he did love my other three sisters more than me and the one that's not his biological daughter but he still gave us lots of love thanks dad but he wasn't perfect himself he was on drugs really bad and so was my mom but I'll get to my mom in a minute because she has done her fair share of things to he would take me to this old man's house and this old man had a son that looked about 35 when we would walk into this house this big Pitbull would start coming at the fence and barking scared me half to death lol but when we would go inside the old man take the dog and set him right next to him and the sun will take my data to the back for 1 hour and yes I had to sit in the same room as this creepy old man with a dog right next to him like as if he's some king with a lion by his side that at any moment he can say lion attack her okay so he would sit there for an hour staring at me and I will try not to make eye contact so I would look around the room and one of the things I saw was that he would collect antique dolls and put them in a glass Shelf anyways I'm that was where he would get his drugs we would go there every 5 days to 7 at the age of five I remember this because it's stuck in my head that old mans eyes traumatized me lol a I would keep talking about my dad but my mom is one of the worse humans in the world so I want to talk about her she was evil she still is evil I have to put up with her for a little bit longer anyways lets see my mother and father are still married but split up they have been like this for 20 years at least they say so she does not still live in the same house  anymore my mother ran away from home she took me so I got a bit of hatred for everybody but why did she have to put me in the middle of this so when I was younger she was like stuck to me but she put me In way worse situations  when I was younger she would go through boyfriends like you wouldn't believe it even though she has a husband there was this black dude and he would try to make me food I knew something weird was going on and and he would try to make me food all the time and I'm like no I have a dad get away from me there was this one time that I caught him and my mom you know in bed with lights off but I almost got raped by this man I was playing with this big doll house that we got for $10 my mom said that she was going to go get a cup of coffee she walked outside came back in to get dressed and the black guy comes out of the shower naked drops his towel and is chasing me around the dollhouse I'm screaming at the top of my lungs and my mom comes  out of the bedroom and says what are you doing and he says oh I didn't know she was there saying he didn't know I was home like fool you were just making me food.............and we would drive through the hood go to all these peoples houses there was a couple good sides about it she would leave me with a whole bunch of homeless and gangster's but I was okay with it cuz they were all so nice and would all protected me and told me really cool stories about their past but still it was a bad situation for a five-year-old child that kept going on until I was six then my other sister moved in with us which I was okay with but as i used to living with me and just my Mom I was a little bit jealous cuz we had to share a room she took away my toys and would make a mess so I was six now and got a late start in school I should say that my sister is two years older then me the one that moved in and I'm the youngest out of all the kids okay since I'm going to be talking a lot about my sister that moved in so I'll give her a name this is not her real name i will call her LL so Il and I got go to the same school and I did not know that kids can be so mean  oh I forgot to mention that when my mom took me we moved to a different town it's just an hour away from my small town okay  so because I got a late start at school everybody already made their friend groups so I tried to break into one of those friend groups it was hard so I kind of gave up I met a girl named Gracie she had her mean side but she was my friend I was being lightly bullied by this other girl she would take all my friends but I'll just go find a new one LOL and there was this guy that would step on my shoelaces and laugh about it I don't know what his problem was and my sister would hang out with all the bullies so I can't remember much from that school because I was so young so I'm going to skip ahead to age 7 in the middle of first grade I was taken out of school  this is where it all goes downhill so my mom put me in home school and I'm still in home school as we speak I lost all my friends  and tell this day I still don't have any since that day I've been getting mentally and physically abused by my mother my father has been getting mentally abused and my sister has been getting mentally and physically abused  when I was younger my mom would always wip me like any other child but when she took me out of school I would literally walk out of my room and get hit she would hit me with a metal Playboy Bunny belt and leave little Playboy bunnies all over my body she would take all her anger out on me and any time I would get something pretty like a ring or a bracelet she would came it was hers and take it and who is  supposed to be my teacher if I'm in homeschooling that's right my mom if I got a answer wrong I would get hit then she finally just gave up on me she still hits me and stuff but she does not teach me homework so I am many grades behind by a lot like a lot every  Year I would going to The Homeschool place and take test and I know I failed the test but they still would let me move on they do not tell you the test scores they just let you move on well that's how to say because there's a lot more but I have to get cleaning lol hope you like this  I did not proofread over it so might have some misspelled oh yeah I'm a girl


  • Dezz Jade

    Dezz Jade


    Apr 02, 2019

  • Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Just hang in there. You are stronger than anyone else thinks. I will keep you in my prayers. God is protecting you.

    Apr 02, 2019

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