Broken Meanings Part 1 Read Count : 6

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Have you ever known how it's felt to run along endless green plains,

Your hands reaching for the sky,

The wind curling around your fingers as if it was neverending silk,

Your fingers twirling along with the wind, as both they and the wind dance together.

As you run the wind tugs on your clothes,

Chilling your skin,

Yet the adrenaline still flows,

As your clothes flap

And chase after the running winds.

You look toward the sky,

Your bright eyes reflecting the sun's warmth,

A smile upon your face,

The sky singing that you are free,

And the animals running around your bare feet.

You leap into the air and land with a splash in a shallow river,

The river tugging on your soft feet,

Begging to show you more wonder.

You turn with the flow and run with the river,

The wind and water playing by your ankles and the critters running beside the you.

The river grew larger and you ran upon it's surface as it plunges further and faster in speed.

You close your eyes content and leap, Only to open your eyes and fall,

Water spraying at your face,

Gravity pulling you down with the water as you fall.

The water holds you as you and her and the mighty wind descend on the plunging waterfall.

You close your eyes content,

And land softly at the bottom of the lake,

A rose-like color taking over from where you rest and spreading like fire upon the water,

The rippling throughout the water's surface.

The wind stops it's twirling

And the water stills,

The critters stand and stare.

And all to be heard was the faint whispers of the past's happy laughter.

I wanted to be free.


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