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        GODOPEDIAOLOGY Proudly presents


           The play: IS LILITH A DEMONESS?

               Powered by: ALMIGHTY GOD

     In association with: JESUS, SATAN, LILITH                                                      AND MARY

GODOPEDIAOLOGY looks at both of the ladies and thinks lots of confusion which makes him tired. 

MARY: Are you alright?


LILY: Why you always shiver looking at me?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No, it is not shivering, it is sweating and it looks like.....

MARY: Don't panic, I think you have read something fearful and that's why you are behaving like that

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No, in BIBLE, they have mentioned that issssss a de de de.........

LILY: What? De de de

MARY: Demon, so what we have lots of them

LILY: Wait, is it de.... mon or demon..... ess?


LILY: oh! Now I got you. You feel I am demoness

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No, I didn't say that

LILY: but your expression isn't matching your words. Don't play foul with me or else I will be the least worst one to handle

MARY: O stop it, the world knows the truth and there is nothing to hide

LILY: You are indirectly calling me a devil, how dare you?

MARY: I want to show you my dareness. Don't ever try to show your fingers

LILY: O, a virgin in the gown of a wife

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: Stop it. It has been hardly 2 plays including this one but you ladies are not like them

LILY: O yes, first let me handle you first

MARY: Stop your dirty play or else today will be either one or no one of us will survive

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: O GOD please save me

SATAN arrives at the spot, looking at him LILITH calms down. JESUS also arrives and takes MARY with him

SATAN: What is all this? I just left LILITH for you, so that you can understand her better, is this the way you behave with ladies?

GODOPEDIAOLOGY: No SATAN, I didn't do anything

SATAN: Now that is the problem that you normally end up doing nothing

JESUS: hold it tight SATAN, I am still present here only

MARY: Didn't I say to you CHRIST, this people won't leave him unspoiled

LILY: Has he said anything wrong, you b

JESUS: No place for using obscene words here lady

SATAN nodes LILITH not to speak ill, JESUS for the first time loses his cool and MARY is terrific in her vision towards LILITH. Looking at the duos combo, GODOPEDIAOLOGY thinks O MY GOD, THEY SAID I DIDN'T BELIEVE BUT TODAY I HAVE WITNESSED IT. 

                                                      O GOD, SHOULD I CONTINUE THIS PLAY OR STOP IT. 

                                                                No sound, GODOPEDIAOLOGY is now the most unluckiest person on this earth. 

Will continue or not, that only ALMIGHTY GOD alone knows but now, I am signing off


  • Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Can you be ANY more insulting. Legit you have no clue what you're talking about Stick to your own religion

    Apr 02, 2019

  • Satan Opediology

    Satan Opediology


    Apr 05, 2019

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