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This is all about my life and I am going to tell you how it started. Years back my mother was pregnant with me and she was only 20 years old when she had  me she had also ran away from home because everyone treated her badly. After a few months my mother finally gave birth to me and she was so happy she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl but one day she made a decision to go back and visit her family after all those year of hiding from her parents so she decides to go and meet up with her family and introduce them to me they all stared at me and thought they should have never treated my mother like that. Then after that my  family bacame happy again but that's not it. After a couple of months I had a brother and we didn't really get along but we loved one another. Then me and my brother started school and thing were great and I was so confident I was friends with everyone but something in life changed  and I couldn't take it anymore. The time I got into year 6 my confidence was never the same I was so shy I never talked to anyone but until I met this person I changed and she was know as my best friend and she changed my whole life but then I heard rumours that she was telling everyone about my secret and I really thought that I could trust her but I realised that she was not a really best friend and from that day I knew what BFF means and it means best fake friends and from that moment I never talked to anyone and that's were I developed to cut myself and never believe in friendship... 


  • I hope you like the story of my life it was kinda hard to get the story out and tell the whole world

    Apr 02, 2019

  • Apr 02, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    listen to me very carefully: this is only temporary. those friends that treat you like that are only temporary. dont hurt yourself because they knock you down. the truth i dont know you but it is so important to me that you keep pushing through you are not alone. you are amazing and a amazing writer never give up.

    Apr 02, 2019

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