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She had never seen it's like before. So bright and so alive. It called to her so she took and put it round her neck. That glimmering strand with it's star bright points. But with all beautiful things it carried secrets. And something else perhaps.

She took that beautiful thing home. At first everything was normal. Quiet and joyous. But soon she was peering into shadows and quiet corners. Was that the wind or did something brush an unsubstantial had against her cheek? Was that her heartbeat or did something else pulse against her chest? She decided to take that beautiful glimmering strand off. 

But.. oh! It would not come away. It resisted her in her fear. She heard a laugh that was not there and screamed. 

Felt a touch of hands unseen and panicked.

Heard thoughts that were not hers and broke.

Her mind belonged to something else now.

Something terrible and cruel but contained within a beautiful golden strand and now her mind as well.


  • Interesting description. Instead of using the word thing, use a word like object, artifact, heirloom, or my favourite one, relic.

    Apr 02, 2019

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