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How could I possibly fit all of what happened to get me where I am today in just 3 parts, no, no, no. There is much more details I missed within this journey of mine that I still have yet to say. 

Part 4 now is going to be a much darker part. 

Okay, so where to I start...? 

Things weren’t always bad, well at the start of this path it was much easier to stay on track. 

Things got bad when I veered off into the grass just a foot or so from the path. 

There are very important people, important events you may think I have missed but trust me this story is mine to tell. 

Don’t worry, this scattered brained Gemini that I am may come off as speaking completely out of order but this isn’t a short story with missing valid details. This story is my tale to tell if you don’t like how this unorganized though process of mine, oh well. 

Segments that I recall that should be told shall be told. From the times I sank to the deepest darkest parts of this complex mind losing myself within that abyss hidden away to the highest points I ever achieved.


I fought, I bled and sacrificed a lot but with out that these accomplishments would have never been reached. 

Complete defeat and total prevail. 

That is life’s constant cycle we all must adapt to or else our minds will never have a chance to be at peace. 

Well, that was a summary of whatever suppressed and repressed memories that ghostly sway within my mind from time to time. 

The details will come, in due time I will share details of where my scars came from. 

Trauma at such a young age truly manifests inside a young child’s mind. 

Like mine; like many others.

A brand new mind altered due to early age trauma to the growing unique brain within a child whom will someday forget until years down the line something triggers lost experiences replayed after such a long time he realizes those things that happen in life molded him into the man he was made today. 

Every good decision and every bad decision changed the course of my journey through life in someway. From Mouthing off In class that would get me in trouble but boy did I get those other kids rolling. To the skipping nearly everyday of school stacking up truants making my parents look stupid. 

Broken family was all I knew, so I broke the rules doing what I was doing best; 

Wreak havoc.

I was blessed with all the answers and every clue to get through life’s obstacles and tests only to reject the helping hands all around me, how outrageous. 

Broken families commonly produces broken children. This broken home of mine introduced me to a way to Sedate frustrating thoughts and overwhelming emotions leading to addiction. 

Now look whose winning...definitely not me even though at the time being I believed the world revolved around me...

I believed I was in control, engulfed pompously with pride creating a fire the spread from a small fire into a fiery inferno overcoming everything. 

Sadly, the destruction left me smiling. 

Complete destruction, nothing left to hide...

Only a completely burned down counterfeit set up of a ”strong” foundation, so I thought. 

All in all it was weakly constructed with lies, forgery, unoriginal and half ass set of core values that you may think anyone could recover from but stay tuned for Part 5 where one rises from the ashes. 



Next chapter will explain the very reasons why and who the ones were that helped me survive. 



Those Meaningful Words. 


  • Apr 01, 2019

  • Apr 01, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Can’t wait for#5 quite a blueprint Of life’s ebb and flow 🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 01, 2019

  • Apr 02, 2019

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