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"I woke up after having a dream about last New Year's " my brother talls the family.

"He woke me up rambling adout seeing a ghost h-" 

I'm interrupted by my sister Maria, "Oh yeah that was annoying".

"Maria don't interrupt your brother like that" my mom has rules ever since my dad cheated on her.She doesn't like it when people pick on me she was the youngest and so am I she just doesn't want me to grow up like she did." Gabriel how did you sleep"?

" I didn't sleep I had no dream" I'm lying though I 

had a dream of the world ending again last time I told her that she sent me to a hospital for the mentally ill I not mentall.

  Its Monday now I'm back at school I'm in 6th grade a few friends and the "system" is changing. The "system" is the separation of popular, cool, weird, and lame kids. I'm in several different groups the weird, lame and popular groups I'm in the popular because my friend Memphis weird just because I'm quiet lame is because my friend Jax. The girls made this system to find a boyfriend the guys we don't care.

  It's been about fourteen months we've been missing. It's not just me there's Memphis, Jax, Jacob, Cat, Chloe that's it just the six of us I've been here for seven months then they brought in Memphis and Cat two months later they brought Jax and one month they brought the rest we're underground. I've been here the longest it was quite for seven months no sound no friends now one to talk to. I've started to go crazy then they brought in Memphis and Chloe at first I thought I was dreaming or the craziness finally got to me.

  One day of the week they let us out and run around for about seventeen hours.

One day one of the men the maine man the one who took me he pissed me off. He's a tall man about 6''5, mexican, lumberjack beard, black hair and a split personality on is Rico and the nicer one is Francisco.

  Rico hit Chloe because Francisco gave her some of his spare food. You see Francisco is the original personality and is aware of Rico but doesn't attempt to contact him he remembers what Rico does and is afraid of him. Rico on the other hand is not aware of Francisco and thinks he blacks out when Francisco takes control. This happened about seven days she's been here so every time that let us out I run and exercise turning me in to a weapon like Olever Qeen from the Arrow. They knocked me out but it didn't last I knew where we were iv been here before it's a little house between Texas and New Mexico they've kept it dark. Are hands have been chained to a wall behind us and same our feet.

  When they let us out I work my legs and arms for seventeen hours straight when they saw what I was doing they started to let us out more often soon it became a privilege. When they started to give is weights we've been underground for two years now it's been a long time since I saw my family. Memphis was like a brother we did everything that we could think of to escape this horrible place it was not the smartest idea to brake the chain.

            To read the rest look for part two


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