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She became more and more sad as she came to finally realize she was living in the moment. Living moment by moment with each and ever fix, it’s a curse.

Every time she looked in the mirror she looked more like a stranger than a mother figure.

It was best for me to go with my father, yeah it hurts but she couldn’t care for me since she was at her worst. She was a stranger to the child she gave birth to but never wanted to be a mother to.

Huntington Beach, California. First grade around the corner, just me and my dad, beginning a new start for the both of us.

Our first place, I remember living with my dad and his roommates. School is going to start soon and I am damn near illiterate with no friends at a new school; I was afraid.

Lissett and Juan Torres were kids of my dads good friend who became my first friends and are still friends of mine till this day. Obviously, growth throughout life distanced us, not much else to say. I was a class clown, Lissett would definitely vouch that I was a social butterfly, a social butterfly that is just always so loud and wanted to be the center of attention if there was a crowd.

Along came Ryan and Katherine Richardson who were twins that I grew up with from Elementary to Middle school. Then high school came around and I drifted away from them by taking part in what I thought was “Cool.” 

What a fool I was but life is nothing but experiences, good or bad but each serve a purpose and are all lessons learned.

Let’s start at Sun view elementary school, it is what turned this illiterate child into a reader and writer with comprehension improving so quickly, it was wild.

This wouldn’t have been achieved if my dad and step mom had never met and gotten married.

Crystal, that is her name. An individual, a soul that changed my life for the better and things would never be the same. She may not have given birth to me but she filled the shoes of a mother figure showering me with unconditional love that will leave me forever stained with the mental capacity to conquer what ever is to come. From the happy well-built memories to the broken ones full of pain.

From walking distance to riding bikes and skateboards to Spring View Middle School with Ryan Richardson to making mistakes in high school with acquaintances whom I thought were my friends, left me never appreciating life. Now I am here, in the days where I realize those were the days I would appreciate when I am all grown.

Even after the division between my father and my saving grace, she has always been there for me, keeping her promise when she said she is here to stay. Now that I am 25 going on 26, she is still here no matter how many times my face has changed.

You never turn your back on family, even when they turn their back on you.

They turned their back and so did I but there is a lot of the story I missed in-between writing this but don’t worry I’ll give you every bit of what keeps me together and what gets me unglued. This is only part 3 of many, so stay tuned...


Those Meaningful Words.


  • Apr 01, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Compelling-it only takes one good person to enrich your life Great job- thank you for sharing 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Apr 01, 2019

  • Apr 02, 2019

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