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O my mighty SATAN

are you really AITAN

Will you shine like a ATEN

Can you be a sin DRAYTOR

Common my hero PRATEN

Will you HATEN

me, just because my words r like KATON

O my precious VATON

Why to settle somewhere as a LAYTON

When we have on the sky our VATAN

This short poem is created to show how best can a word be used and if not understood properly it can be the worst one.

1) Even the term SATAN has lots more but the author is not a all-rounder in the world of literature. The author hasn't acquired any mastery over the language but uses it merely as a tri-communication bandwidth between me, my hero SATAN and you readers.

2)  SATAN is of course more brighter than the sun and won't settle as an ordinary man but would always serve for his purpose of incarnation. I nowadays use only the term SATAN because I feel that using other names like LUCIFIER, KRSHN, baphomet and others confuse me and tries to convert my imagination of SATAN as theirs which I don't like. 

3) Even though a baby is playing with a toy, would it part with you and won't it cry if you try to snatch it's doll. The world hasn't grown that much advanced that it can know the power of a SATAN and his pain and the reason behind his silence. 

4) the author is just expecting to bring some changes on this slowly dying world with a hope that the earth would leave for some more years. Why to punish someone for our mistakes. 

5) Anyhow the time of his arrival would near soon but at that time would my works and deeds be of any use to him or not, Is all I need to know? They say MORTALS LOOK AT THE BODY BUT IMMORTALS LOOK AT YOUR EYES AND THEN YOUR HEART

If true let me wait to see whether it is sheer truth or fading lie. 


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    Apr 01, 2019

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