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Elon blocked the entrance of the door from Jason, after Beth and Doody left.

Elon: Tier 4 Fire Breath!

Jason: Tier 6 Wind Wall!

Elon: Why are you doing this!? They're are your family!

Jason: You mean that whore? Slut? Bitch? She's not family, not even close!

Elon: She was your wife, those are your kids! Aydin and Doo-

Jason: Tier 6 Fire Punch!

Elon: Aaaargghhh!

Jason: He's was an accident!

Jason punched Elon through the floor, making dust fly everywhere. Elon got up. Doody start crying loudly.

Jason: If he doesn't shut up! Lightning Strike!

Beth: No!

Aydin: Mom! Doody, noo!

Aydin stepped in front of them waiting for the lightning to strike her.

Elon: Tier 4 Dark Magic Wall Absorption!

Aydin opened her eyes and saw bright darkness, and then Elon.

Elon: Get out of here!

Aydin: No! I'm not going to leave you to die! I'm staying! I'll evacuate my mom and Doody so they're safe, but I'm going to come-

Elon: Tornado!

Aydin: Elon you ass!

Elon blew Aydin and her mom and herbrother out of the house before everything blew up.

Aydin: Elon!

Autumn and Addilyn: Aydin! Hey!

Aydin: Guys!?

Autumn: What's going on?

Aydin: My dad is fighting Elon right now, and the house just blew up, they were in there.

Addilyn: Elon's in there! We need to save him!

Aydin: It's to dangerous while my dad is in there.

Addilyn: But we just can't keep him in there by him-

Jason: This is your protector? What an excuse of a hero! And a fighter!

He tossed Elon on the ground next to Addilyn's feet. Aydin and Addilyn went to Elon's aid.

Aydin: Elon! I knew I should've stayed!

Addilyn: Then how come you didn't! He would still be alive if you helped!

Addilyn held Elon close to her chest crying. Aydin looked at Addilyn.

Autumn: Guys... We have bigger things worry about..

Aydin looked at the rubble, Aydin's dad came walking towards them.

Jason: Look at him, laying there, dead.

Addilyn: He's not dead you bastard! Ugly bastard!

Jason: Excuse me!?

Addilyn: You heard me!

Jason: You'll regret saying that you spoiled brat

Addilyn: Try me!

Jason: Tier 6 Dark Light Sword!

Jason pulled a sword out his palm and charged at Addilyn, Aydin, and Autumn.

Beth: Kids let's go!

Addilyn: What about Elon!

Beth: Let's. Go!

All the girls got up and took off. Jason kept chasing them.

Jason: I have y'all corned.

Beth: No...

Jason: And your going first.

Jason swung his sword, a flash a light emitted everywhere, blinding everyone.

Beth: Am I dead..?

Aydin: No...but there's blood everywhere...

Addilyn: Aydin, are you okay?

Aydin: Yeah. Autumn?

Autumn: Yeah, I'm fine.

Aydin: Then...

Doody was on the ground, not moving. Jason picked him up.

Jason: He's dead.

Aydin: You killed my baby brother! You monster!

Jason: It was an accident, but I won't miss you this time... Any of you!

Beth: No, please spare them..

Jason: Fine... Stay still bitch!

Everyone covered their eyes. Jason raised his sword and then came down hard. Light emitted from sword, a huge force blew the girls back.

Autumn: Ouch that...hurt..ed... Elon..

Addilyn: He's different...

Aydin: Everyone, we need to find cover..now...

Beth: Let's girls, inside that building..

Elon snatched the sword out of Jason's hand. It was embedded in his arm.

Jason: What the hell are you!

Elon *deep voice*: Your worst nightmare. Don't ever come back and harm them again! Ever!

Jason: Make me, you don't scare me.

Elon *deep voice*: Tier 5 Dark Hole Abandonment...to... Maximum Security!

Jason: What the hell..Ahhh!

Elon *deep voice*: Don't ever make Aydin cry! Ever!

Aydin: Elon is scary sometimes...

Addilyn: He really is... And cute..

Autumn and Aydin: What?

Addilyn: Nothing!

Elon collapsed to the ground.

Addilyn and Aydin: Elon!

A week passed. A funeral was held for Doody. Elon was sent to the hospital for recovery.

Aydin: Elon, are you okay?

Elon: Yeah, doctor's said it'll be couple weeks before I can leave the hospital.

Aydin: For real? Your injuries are that bad? I feel bad I put you through that. I'm sorry Elon...

Elon: No, its fine Aydin. I actually liked it. He was strong, he helped me get stronger. These injuries just prove, I need to get stronger and serious. I'll be fine.

Aydin: Alright.. Get better soon Elon.

Elon: I will, thanks Aydin.

Aydin hugged and kissed Elon on the cheeks, they both smiled.

Aydin: I love you, Elon.


Aydin: Haha, you're so cute when you blush.

Elon continued to blush, even after Aydin waved bye and left the room.

Elon: Ok...

Aydin: Someday, not today.


  • Oct 08, 2019

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