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As the tide ebes  and flows 
The darkness shows no remiss
It is the way of the moon that makes us go
Back and forth ,  Each evening without the suns kiss
The black has its comfort, although it may seem cold 
It wraps around us ; just the same
 Watching over the young and those not quite yet old  
As it accepts the final breaths from those who have suffered and died without even a name 
In the early evening the song is sung 
It is a lullaby that lures in the craftiest of creatures
As the midnight Bells are rung 
It’s hard to make out what’s left of the attendees features 
There is no description of the contract,
That We joined in without thinking 
And now we know not how to react; 
And have only remorse and the feeling that our pride is shrinking . 
Back into the night we wander, no longer unaffected by its essence 
Hoping only to find the dawn and once again feel its warming presence .


  • Apr 01, 2019

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