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I tried my best to give you what you needed and it seemed like it was not enough so I guess my work was not completed, so I guess I will start all over again and this time it will be everything and more for you, I want to kiss you feel you I want to love you touch you and hold you all night you'll even be rewarded for all the things you do you are my rock you are the truth you are the light at the end of the tunnel you are my message in a bottle and we will always be as one an no matter what we go through you are my rock your all that I need and your all  that I  want so let's stay together. And in time you'll see, that after it's all said and done you'll know that you are my rock and it will set you free, you are my rock you are my anchor in the storm and you are my compass when I  cannot find my way, there will never be another one like you so don't leave me but stay


  • aww this is so sweet

    Apr 01, 2019

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