Looking Through A Child's Eyes (51-55) Read Count : 7

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Children skipping small stones on the stream.

Brother and Sister watching the ripple's shiny gleam, shimmering bluish-green.

"What's that, small fish!" The children cried in merciless delight.

Scoop them up with a bucket and take them to teacher tonight.

"These aren't fish little ones, they're tadpoles baby frogs so young."

So unexpected to find such a treat, in a small swampy creek.

Present for Trip and Fall

 Baby learning how to walk, don't give up and don't ever stop.

Up you go it's hard to stand on your feet, holding something keeps you stable.

No matter how long it takes I know you can walk.

Down on the pavement is where you go, I know you want to cry, but no.

Get up again and take those steps, your parents eager to see where it ends.

Oh no, every time you fall is another step closer to passing your final test.

Making it to mommy and daddy.

Black Mamba Mayhem

A little girl how you skip in cheer, delighted by the relatives you hold so dear.

On the ground you find a belt near the barn, hoping to return it to whoever lost, but this belt was constricting your arm.

Not aware of what this could be, you took it to uncle to see.

Tossing it to the group made quite a stir, as they stood up an screamed as the snake hit the dirt.

Uncle was angry, but in the end he laughed as this was a mess there-aft.

One Black Mamba is all it took, to shake it up to make a small poem in my book.

Big Plans for the Night

Young boy, I know you want to play but we are here to stay.

Hear my words, you're driving me insane better pray I don't throw you on the plane.

I know you have plans for the day, but we don't have all the time in the world to play.

It's this and that, where does it end you're making your parents feel like their in a pen.

Your parents are tired if you cannot see, wouldn't it be better to take a break for some tea.

Wherever the day comes to an end, you should just appreciate being together again.


Boy and girl is it that day, when you share a life together in the same way.

Pretend your the parents and grab all the cushions you can.

Building a family comes from your own two hands.

Be wary though, as I stopped to say, you may or may not look forward to this one day.

It's not the real thing until you're on the ride, so enjoy it while it lasts because it'll certainly change the tide.

There's nothing to be ashamed of wanting a future, so just ignore the other children's torture.


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  • I'm like it

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  • Mar 21, 2019

  • Love it! I must say one of the "situations" sound very familiar 😉

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