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Chapter 2

The Beginning

In the land of Nikiasu, lives a young tiefling named Cleomedes Damaia. He originally lived in a village in the center of a forest. The forest name was The Sdrazil Enummi Forest.

The Sdrazil Enummi Forest:

[This forest contains an poisonous flower called the Sdrazil Enummi. This flower only grows in the Sdrazil Enummi forest, anything dares lay one step in the forest. Gets poisoned by the flower's pollen.

The flower is scattered across the entire forest, but few animals are not effected by it.

The race that seems to not be bothered by the Sdrazil toxic aroma is the lizardfolk.

Dragonborns are not effected either, but if they inhale to much they will get nauseous. Same to other lizardfolk or other humanoid animals creatures if they new to the environment.]

Before Cleomedes was born, his mother ran into the Sdrazil Enummi forest for shelter away from these barbarians trying to kill her. The barbarians kill her husband, and so that left her alone with her unborn son. She knew she could die in the forest, but she had nowhere else to go.

She race into the toxicity forest with the barbarians close behind. But one-by-one the barbarians died from the poisonous air. Then slowly the mother was dying but kept marching on.

When at the moment she thought she was going to die, a lizardfolk appeared before her. And gave a hand of generosity towards the weaken mother.

They arrived at the village, where the air was clean. No pollen, no poison, but genuine clean air. The mother was treated to good health by a cure to the Sdrazil flowers. Only the lizardfolk living in Sdrazil Enummi know how to make it.

Haft a year living in the village, the mother died by childbirth.

Damaia Paradas

Born 631 - Died 666

Eighteen Years Later

"Hey Cleo! Cleo! Wake up sleepy head!"

"*Groaned* Zuh~ it's too late for this. We just had dinner an hour ago. Now back to sleep."

"But Cleo~ there's a bear cub in my bed, and it won't leave."

"*Sighed* Fine~ you can sleep with me."

"Yeah! Thanks big brother!"

"*Hushed* Hush now. Your going to wake everyone up."

"Opps. Sorry Cleo."


[In the fifth of March 672, there was dragon egg founded at the corner of the village. Cleomedes founded it, and took it back with him. Soon Cleomedes put it back down, the egg was hatching.

What came out of egg was a baby Dragonborn. It was unknown where the egg came from or who it belongs to. All at the end the village agreed to take her in, but Cleomedes had to take care of her.]

In The Morning

It was a lovely day. Birds singing, wind blowing, flowers blooming. Nothing was unusual, it was just normal.

"Hey Cleo?"

"Yeah Zuhara."

"Those Sdrazil flowers. They're poisonous right? How come were not poisoned by them?"

"Good question. Well, it's because we were both born in this village. So our body are used to the flowers. In other words, you could say we have resistance to the Sdrazil flowers like uncle Traxl or grandma Thrus."

"Really?! That's so cool! Big brother, your so smart! The smartest tiefling in the whole forest of Sdrazil Enummi!"

"You think? What about uncle Traxl?"

"He's the smartest 'Lizard Man' in the whole forest. You are the smartest tiefling!"

"Oh yeah~ then that makes you the smartest Dragonborn in the whole forest. Doesn't it?"



Meanwhile Elsewhere

Deep in the forest is a creature running on four legs, being chased by hunters with gas masks.

There are four hunters.

One the hunters shoot with they're gun but misses and hit a tree instead.

Another hunter shoot, another miss.

One loaded and aimed, they then shoot but misses again.

The last one stands in a tree, unlike the other hunters. They had a bow and arrow. They aimed, but missed. They try again and got the wolf by the left leg.

"Gotcha~" mutter the hunter.

Howling in pain, the wolf pushes on. Try to avoid to get captured by the hunters.

The wolf dogged a den to hide, the hunters didn't notice a ran pass the wolf.

But the hunter that shot the wolf knew where it was hiding. Reaching every closer, the footsteps stop at wolf's den. The wolf shakes with fear.

"Aaaaaaah!" Cried the hunter.

The peaked out and saw a huge log in the way of the hunter path.

"Run! Hurry!" Yelled a boy with red skin and horns.

"You have run!" Screamed the scaly girl next to the boy.

The wolf limped out of the den and tried to run, but utterly failed. Crashing against the ground.

"Cleo! It's leg!"

"I know, I'm on it!"

First step forward, trips over a root out the ground. Then starts rolling down towards the wolf. Hit into the wolf still rolling. The hunter made it the other side of the huge log, only to get knocked out by Cleomedes and the wolf's rolling. After hit the hunter, they reverted back to Zah.

As they kept rolling, hitting into Zah. Then the three of them kept rolling until they finally stop by crashing into a tree.

"*Groaned* Ow~ that's going to leave a mark, or four."

"Owe! Owe! Owe! That really hurt brother!"

"*Coughing* You two are insane! But I do appreciate your help."

Cleomedes and Zuh turn they're direction towards the wolf, who was now a naked man.

"Your a werewolf?" Questioned Zuh.

"He seems like it." Continued Cleomedes.

They both stare at the man curiousity nether shocked nor fear by him. The man stare at the two, realizing they're not wearing any kind of mask.

"Where are your masks?"

"What masks?" Cleomedes spoke.

"But the pollen, the Sdrazil..."

"Oh, that?! You don't need to worry, we're used to it. Me and my brother were born here after all! *Giggled*" said Zuh.

"Your brother?"

"That's right. I'm Cleomedes Damaia, and this is my sister; Zahara Roar." Cleomedes introduced.

"Hey there! What's your name?" Zuh greeted with a cherry smile.

Both Zuh and Cleomedes reached out they're hands to the man. The man glared at them cautiously, but took they're hands despite it all his senses are alarmed.

"Its Benn, Benn Baldric." The man said in a calm voice.

Cleomedes then dragged Benn on his back.

"Okay Benn, let's go!" Cheered Zuh.

"To where?" Asked Benn.

"To our village isn't far from here, our grandma Thrus can help you. She is a druid, that makes her our best healer." Cleomedes explained.

"Plus that, you need clothes too. Don't want you catching a cold, you know?" Zuh teased.

In The Afternoon

 They effortlessly made they're way to the village.

"Hey Benn?" Zuh spoke.

"What is it?" Benn replied.

"How long have you been in this forest?" Zuh asked.

"Around a month." Benn answered.

"Now it makes sense." Cleomedes says.

"What makes sense?" Benn questioned.

"Usually, people like you start vomiting at the time they lay a step in this forest." Zuh explained to Benn.

"So in other words, the longer you stay here. The more your used to it." Cleomedes finished.

As they walk through the village, Benn noticed that the air was different. It smelled clean. Cleomedes and Zuh then clarified the village story and history to Benn while he was getting healed.

In The Evening

"Aaaaaah!!!" Benn cried in pain as the arrow was pulled out his leg.

"Your going to be alright, you just need to take rest." Told grandma Thrus.

"Thank you Miss Thrus, I appreciate for helping me." Benn simply said.

"It's fine dear, I don't do anything special. I'm just druid after all." Spoke the elderly woman.

"Make it sound like it's bad things."

"It's not, it's just... you don't see much druids around anymore after two-hundreds years ago."

"I understand, back then there was thousands beyond thousands of druids wherever you look. Now a days though, it's like the druids all gone in hiding."

"Young man, can I ask strange question?"

"Of course."

"Your a descendant from a druid tribe, aren't you?"

"Was I that obvious?"

"Very much so."

"*Chuckled* It's been a while since I met another druid when I left home and started get hunted down."

Before Thrus could respond, Zuh intervene by running through the hunt entrance. With cooked in hand and some bright colored fruit.

"Hey!~ I brought dinner!" Zuh beamed with joy, seeing Benn's injurie leg is doing better.

She gave the fish to Benn while giving Thrus the fruit.

"You don't eat meat?" Benn says with a questioning face towards the lizard woman.

"Grandma's teeth are not strong enough to bite through flesh anymore." Zuh explained while passing the fruit to grandma Thrus.

"Sad but true, these old chompers aren't what they used to be." Thrus says before bite down on the bright colored fruits.

"Hey Grandma! Can I take Benn? If so can Benn come with me and my brother! Pretty please~" Zuh asked on her knees with her hands above her head.

Thrus nodded her head and petted Zuh on the head. Zuh jumps with joy, takes Benn by the arm and carries him to a nearby fireplace where Cleomedes whistling.

"Cleo! Cleo! Cleo! I brought him!" Zuh yelled with Benn in her hands.

"Can you put me down?!" Benn demanded.

"Opps~ sorry bout that." Zuh says after dropping Benn with a thud.

"Ow~ you know for girl as yourself, your stronger than you look." Benn exclaimed, rubbing his lower back.

"You really think so? I thought it's was normal because I'm a Dragonborn. Are you saying most Dragonborn start out weak?" Zuh stares at Benn curiously, wanting an answer.

"I really not sure. Your the first Dragonborn I ever met, it's most woman are considered... weak." Cleomedes then started laughing at Benn's answer, while Zuh huffed.

"I'm not weak! I'm twelve years old Dragonborn, strong and feared. Thank you very much!" Zuh growled at Benn.

"Your twelve?!" Benn shrieked.

"Don't get out of shape Zuhara, it's not his fault that you look so vulnerable. *Laughter*" Cleomedes wiping the tear form his eye from laughter.

"Shut it Cleo!"

"I'm only telling the truth. *Laughter*"

"It's not funny!"

"No, no, no. It's funny, watch this. *Laughter*"

Cleomedes kept laughing so much that he fell on his back, still laughing. Legs kicking in the air, arms holding tightly around his stomach. After five minutes of laughs and chuckles, then he finally got up wiping lingering tears.

"Are you done now?" Zuh huffed.

Cleomedes nodded still showing a sly grin on face. Zuh turns to Benn and apologized.

"Sorry about my brother. He has a weird sense of humor."

"No it's fine. I should be the one apologize, I didn't mean to offend you."

"It's okay. Say, you know what I do when I feel down?"

"No, what do you do?"

"Sing of course!" Zuh says reveling a music instrument made out of driftwood and spiderwebs.

"Did someone said sing?!" Cleomedes says existed.

"You sing?" Benn said tiles his confused.

"My mother was Bard, so you could say I gain her love for music." Cleomedes replied.

"Was?" Benn says.

"She died when I was born but I hear from the elders that she used sing to me while still in her stomach." Before Cleomedes was going to continue, Zuh started to play her wooden instrument.

"Cleo, sing a song." Zuh suggested.

"Any request?" Cleomedes says staring at Benn.

"Any would be fine with me." Benn reposed.

"Okay then." Cleomedes smiled at Benn.

Love Someone

Lukas Graham

[There are days

I wake up and I pinch myself

You're with me, not someone else

And I am scared, yeah, I'm still scared

That it's all a dream

'Cause you still look perfect as days go by

Even the worst ones, you make me smile

I'd stop the world if it gave us time

'Cause when you love someone

You open up your heart

When you love someone

You make room

If you love someone

And you're not afraid to lose 'em

You'll probably never love someone like I do

You'll probably never love someone like I do

When you say

You love the way I make you feel

Everything becomes so real

Don't be scared, no, don't be scared

'Cause you're all I need

And you still look perfect as days go by

Even the worst ones, you make me smile

I'd stop the world if it gave us time

'Cause when you love someone

You open up your heart

When you love someone

You make room

If you love someone

And you're not afraid to lose 'em

You'll probably never love someone like I do

You'll probably never love someone like I do

All my life

I thought it'd be hard to find

The one 'til I found you

And I find it bittersweet

'Cause you gave me something to lose

But when you love someone

You open up your heart

When you love someone

You make room

If you love someone

And you're not afraid to lose 'em

You'll probably never love someone like I do

You'll probably never love someone like I do

You'll probably never love someone like I do]

"That was great. You really have talent there." Benn complimented.

"Even better than those city folks?" Zuh teased.

"City folk? Wait, how you two know I'm from the city?" Benn questioned.

"That's simple..." Zuh started.

"It's because you smell like ale..." Cleomedes continued.

"All city folk that come here always smells like ale." Zuh finished.

"Ale? I don't remember drinking ale?" Benn thought and sniffed himself. He did smelled like ale, but he doesn't know why.

At Night

All was silence in the village. Benn couldn't sleep, mostly cause that the fact he's nocturnal. So he prefers sleeping at day. Benn rocks side to side, not having a blink of rest. Then he felt something moving closer to Benn's side. He sits up to see shining in the crescent moon was Zuh and her brother Cleomedes.

"What you two doing?" Benn whispered.

"We can't sleep." Zuh responded.

"And stupid bear cubs took our beds!" Cleomedes growled from exhaustion.

"Hush Cleo. Your going to wake everyone up." Zuh says with worry.

"Forget that! I'm too tired to care about that!" Cleomedes growled again.

Zuhara sighed and just slides next to Benn. While dragging Cleomedes by the tail into bed too with herself and Benn.

Benn turns his sight to his left to Cleomedes already fast asleep, he turns right to Zuh asleep too. Benn lay there slightly uncomfortable, but yet pleasant. Benn couldn't remember the last time he slept within a group, not until he was still a child.

Clear blue sky, white fluffy clouds, the bright shining moon.

Brushing trees leaves, lengthy blue grass, cooling breezes.

Giggling children, stomped plants, friendly barking.

Benn opens his eyes to have the glimmering sun shine on his face. He cover his eyes by placing his right arm over his face, blocking the blazing light. Benn felt both of sides suddenly cold, he immediately gets up to see Cleomedes and his sister were gone.

"Was it a dream?" He thought to himself.

Then Benn heard a terrifying shriek outside, Benn ran out of his bed to see outside was Zuhara and Cleomedes being chased by a giant bear.

"Aaaaah!!!!" They both cried.

Then Benn stepped in front of the bear. The bear instantly stopped itself, shaking in fear by Benn's intimidating death stare. The bear steps away before turning and ran away. Benn sighed and slowly turned around to greet very existed faces.

"So cool!!" Praised Zuh and Cleomedes to Benn.

"Uh..? Thank you?" Benn nervously spoke.

"No, thank you." Cleomedes thanked bowing his head.

"You did saved us from The Enummi Bear, thank you ever much." Added Zuh.

"Enummi Bear? What's The Enummi Bear?" Benn asked curiousity.

"The Enummi Bear is the protector of the forest." Cleomedes dryly explained.

To be continued


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