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Water....... a life giver. I don't understand how we could keep this from other people, or how we could give it to people at such poor quality. Some people are just greedy, and you could say at this point I'm just putting my thoughts somewhere. Whether you like my thoughts or not that's ok it's up to you. Which ever way the wind blows the leaf. But Trees need water to make leaves. My point for water being life giving. You could go weeks without food but have plenty of water and live. Now you might be hungry and skinny as hell but you will be alive. Also water provides food, to grow crops. Word has it that we give more water to animals than humans to keep up with livestock. Yeah sure meat is good but is it efficient? Not really. I am no vegan trust me but if you are that's ok. All I'm saying here is meat used to be a delicacy but now it's in just about every meal we consume. And most of the meat produced in America goes in the trash. It's like come on people we waste money, water,vegetables, and time on trying to raise meat for it to be thrown away. We are making more than we can eat at a time. Me thinking about water leads to that thought and many other thoughts. Bare with me. We give water to meat we will kill and throw away while theres people in poor places who are drinking bug infested water. We are lucky to be where we are. We can walk down the street and find a water fountain the catch be that there are chemicals in it but it's better then a skin eating disease. People are dying without water, and people are greedy and wasteful. If there were aliens they would see us as a dangerous, crazy, hostile species. Now this is what I get from thinking about water. Instead of giving it to people in need we waste it.... now water can also be a life taker like floods and stuff, but without water things cannot live. If suddenly global warming got so bad, to the point that all water vanished, we would be super dead from heat and water deprivation. We are gonna be the reason for our own extinction. There is no way our bodies could adapt fast enough to that. We need to take care of our earth because it's our home. I'm not saying I'm better than people because I see this problem I'm just saying we need to fix things before we can't control it. Coral reefs are dying, people are dying. Hell people die because of their own kind. I recently saw a video of a girl who never met her father because her father got shot. That's sad. And there's more story's unshared like that out there. Now if we are already killing each other while things are ok then imagine how it would be if the world was falling apart. If it were all ending. We need to save us from our selves. Life used to have meaning. Now all I hear about today is drugs, money, popularities,brands and everything is just getting worse. Especially all this talk about millenials, I am one but I am one of the rare few who want to make a difference because this world and the people in it mean everything to me and more importantly mean everything for life to go on


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