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Hello my name is Ari ‘Ari pure but that’s not the real truth when I was little I found out I was not normal (either demon or angle =normal ) I was actually half of both my parents were normal both angles so I had to hide my wings (they were split 1 side was angle the other side was demon ) and pretended I didn’t have wings but I still had powers of a demon and an angle.Now today’s the first day I start chili I’m a little bit worried someone’s going to find out because in my previous schools if I had told someone even my best friend they’d say I was.a freak and the next day everybody started picking on me .My mental and physical self was bruised so I chose to hide my true self .”Ari wake up “ that’s my mom “big I dont want to”I say tired as fuck “ Your going to have to if you don’t want to be late for school ‘I had just realized I started school today I rushed to the bathroom took a shower brushed my teeth (exetera) . I was finally ready the last thing I needed to do was hide my wings .i drove myself to school even though I shouldn’t be at 17years old but I don’t follow the rules (haha badass). I finally got to school it was HUGE when I walked in I saw demons and angles everywhere with their wings out and all .I was  walking in and suddenly crashed into someone “hey watch were yo-“we both looked at each other both awe struck he was beautiful he had crystal ocean eyes with a little bit of purple in them and had short hair that was kinda spiked and he had this badass out fit that made him look as sexy as hell and he was a demon  .” I’m so sorry “I said snapping out of my gaze “it’s fine it’s my the way what’s your name I’m Jay . I blushed at his smile and his voice “ My name Ariana but my friends call me Ari but I have no friends I’m new” I felt so embarrassed I said that my cheeks turned a light shade of pink .” I knew you were new you have that look like I’ve never seen you before .I’ll be your friend and then at lunch I’ll introduce you to some of my friend .i was so excited but then I realized I don’t know where any of my classes are “ hey Jay do you know where E.L.A is ? I’m kinda lost .”I saw him blushing a little bit and couldn’t help but smile a little “Oh yea I go to that class follow me .”
* 2 classes later (cause I’m too lazy )*


  • Roxy  Simons

    Roxy Simons

    This is the first one don’t worry I’ll be back with a adding one ✌🏾

    Mar 19, 2019

  • Not what I expected but okay

    Mar 19, 2019

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